How It Works

Oftentimes, your computer will slow down over time because of all the temporary files, apps, and software on it. You might not even use all of it, but it all takes space and inevitably makes the computer run slower. When your computer is showing a blue screen error or is infected with malware, the simplest and most effective solution to either speed up the computer or simply make it work again would be to perform a clean operating system install.

Sometimes your computer’s operating system might get corrupted when it gets shut down during an update, when it gets infected with malware, etc. Performing a clean OS install will get rid of all unnecessary clutter on your computer and will leave just the clean base, which takes care of all software issues and makes your computer run faster. An OS install is the fastest and most efficient way of clearing up your computer to start using it good-as-new.

Our OS clean install service includes FREE diagnosis and comes with a 14 day warranty. Our carry-in or ship-in OS clean install process is designed to minimize your downtime, provide you with a flat rate cost, and keep you informed about your order at all times through our repair portal.

September 18, 2019
PC Repair